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How Much Should I Charge?

How Much Should I Charge?

How much should I charge my client is an often-asked question. By Ken Merwin and Steve Canerossi Congratulations! You decided to quit your day job and become a full-time freelance proposal writer. You have a skill set that is in demand. You have commitments from several prospective clients that want to hire you. They agree… Read more »

3 Elements of Great Proposal Infographics

Proposal Infographics

Great Proposal Infographics Position Your Proposal for the Win. Most of reviewers need visual references to guide them through a proposal. Page after page of densely packed proposal text is difficult to read and hard to evaluate. Proposal infographics can present information, break-up long sections of text, and improve win probabilities. They can range from… Read more »

5 Relationships for Gig Economy Entrepreneurs


Who’s on Your Team? Entrepreneurs Benefit from Key Relationships. I often meet with young and not so young entrepreneurs. They seek advice as they enter the gig economy. We discuss their product, its placement, the price, and its promotion. We discuss their differentiation and potential markets. We talk about the risks and rewards of the… Read more »

Five Good Listening Skills to Help You Win

Good Listening Skills

Do  you have good listening skills, or is your customer hoping the meeting will just end? Meeting with your customer is an important step in writing a winning proposal. You want to make the most of these meetings. You need to leave with an understanding your customer’s requirements, hot buttons, and budget.   You want to get feedback on your potential solution,… Read more »

Three Good Reasons to Earn Your APMP Certification

Succeed With Your APMP Certification I have often been asked about the value of earning certifications such as the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) certification. APMP has three levels of certification – Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional. Each is increasing more difficult to earn and demonstrates a higher level of competence. Here are three reasons… Read more »

Simple Always Wins!

I’ve found that keeping it simple is one of the keys to writing winning proposals. Here’s the link to my “Simple Always Wins!” article I posted on LinkedIn. Simple Always Wins!