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Five Lessons to Live By!

In challenging times, I find comfort in these five lessons to live by! By Ken Merwin To say my sister and I had a rocky and challenging early childhood is an understatement. It’s a miracle we survived, and I credit our survival to the Bible Club sponsored by two of the kindest women, Miss Clark… Read more »

5 Relationships for Gig Economy Entrepreneurs


Who’s on Your Team? Entrepreneurs Benefit from Key Relationships. I often meet with young and not so young entrepreneurs. They seek advice as they enter the gig economy. We discuss their product, its placement, the price, and its promotion. We discuss their differentiation and potential markets. We talk about the risks and rewards of the… Read more »

Five Tips for Catching the Gig Economy Wave

Catching the Gig Ecomony Wave

The Gig Economy is an exciting place. Catch the Wave! I’ve been working in the gig economy for twelve years. But I only just learned it was called the “gig economy” this past month. It’s fun. I get to work with great people and companies and no two weeks are ever the same. One week… Read more »